Tesla Solar for Western Colorado

Thank you for being part of the Tesla community and last Friday’s virtual meeting with reps from Tesla Energy! There were some exciting announcements – most noteworthy, Tesla has just lowered their solar prices. We hope you enjoyed learning more about Tesla solar panels, Solar Roof and Powerwall. For those that were able to join, I hope you enjoyed the conversation and Q&A session.

For those that weren’t able to join, please check out this recap that includes information specific to our club in Western Colorado. There are some pretty cool product insights. Tesla has offered our Western Colorado Tesla Club a surprise incentive if we are able to generate 10+ referrals for solar and energy product installation in our area. Though they were tight-lipped about what it would be, they indicated that we would enjoy it! In order to qualify, we must use our club’s unique link below. 

Solar for Summer: Install solar now to take advantage of the longer summer days and be prepared for outages in the fall. If you are interested in learning more, please email Habib Hammad, [email protected]. Habib is a Tesla Advisor and was super helpful and knowledgeable. 

To sign up or see pricing, please use this unique link for all of our club members and referrals: https://www.tesla.com/energy/design?attribution_eid=137828

Also, if your address appears to be out of our service area, please contact Habib for assistance.

And as always, Tesla is looking to continually improve. If you have a moment, please take their brief anonymous survey so the team can learn from you.